Our Next-Gen SafetyNet Investment
Engines work smarter for you.

SafetyNet Investing

Controlling your downside is not just about losing less, it’s about winning more.

A SafetyNet is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a number that you don’t want your account balance as of some future date to fall below, no matter what happens with interest rates, the stock market or the bond market.

An intelligent investment engine

You are in control, so you decide your SafetyNet level.  When you have set your account’s SafetyNet, the engine dynamically allocates cash between performance-seeking assets such as stocks, and safer assets such as government bonds.

Have an investment goal in mind?

SafetyNet can help.

Create your own customized portfolio allocation:
one that maximizes your performance potential while minimizing the probability of falling below your SafetyNet at the end of your time horizon.

Hoping to retire soon?

A tailored retirement strategy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in a retirement strategy built around your unique circumstances, goals and time horizon? With FutureSafe,  you can.

Invest for what matters most