Meet FutureSafe

Powerful Automated Investing Technology with a built-in SafetyNet* and flat-fee pricing

FutureSafe empowers you to mitigate investment risk, with a “Netflix-style” flat monthly subscription fee of just $1/mo and FREE for accounts under $10,000. 
*For more details on how Safety Net Investing works, click here

SIPC insured up to $500,000

Our Clients Trust Us With More Than



“Rule #1: Never Lose Money”

– Warren Buffett*

  • FutureSafe allows you to fully customize your safety net to protect your investment portfolio.
  • You can manage your portfolio by leveraging the top strategies of institutional investors with the technology to automate your personal returns. Sleep soundly knowing you can customize your upside targets while protecting your assets with a safety net.

* “Becoming Warren Buffett” HBO Documentary Films (2017)

The FutureSafe vision is to deliver institutional-grade
investment solutions to all investors.

We strongly believe that every American deserves the opportunity to grow their wealth without getting lost in the complex and confusing world of financial advising.

Flat rate Monthly Subscription


Starting at $1 / month
Flat rate Monthly Subscription + Fully Managed


$50 / month