Invest with a built-in Safety Net.

Goal #1: Don't Lose Money!

Manage your upside based on your goals, with a built-in Safety Net so you can set your own risk limits.

Invest on your terms: you decide what you need, and we figure out how to get you there!

Target 3.0%+ APY with Principal Protection

Check out our “Safety-First” strategy for High-Yield Cash Management, designed to protect the principal over a 1-Year horizon and target an interest rate over 30x national average FDIC savings rate.

And, it works just great with your existing brokerage account for one flat monthly fee!

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How to invest without losing money

FutureSafe provides the intelligence to achieve your financial goal.

Harness the power of stock markets and avoid the devastating crashes … this short video shows you how.

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Robo + Safety Net:
Fully autonomous, risk controlled ETF investing

0.25% Per Year, deducted monthly

Full Service:
Sophisticated Stock-based Portfolios, just like large institutions

0.50% Per Year, deducted monthly
  • Invest like the big guys - directly hold hundreds of stocks, fractional shares, stock-level tax loss harvesting and a lot more

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Assets under Advisement

FutureSafe is powered by Optimal Asset Management, with a long track record in servicing large institutional clients

$ 1 +M
in Discretionary AUM

Optimal Asset Management is an SEC-registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940

From Short-Term Cash to Retirement Income
... and all those Life Events in between

Secure your ability to lock in a percentage of future college expenses with the opportunity to cover more.

Lock in a path toward a minimum down payment while keeping the opportunity to upgrade or accelerate your purchase.

Set a safety net for your retirement investments without giving up the opportunity to make more money or retire early. 

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